Bezos Earth Fund
AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge

A global $100 million initiative from the Bezos Earth Fund

Can modern AI help solve today’s critical challenges of climate change and nature loss?

About the Grand Challenge

The Bezos Earth Fund is exploring new ideas for multiplying the impact of climate and nature efforts using modern AI. The first round of the Grand Challenge will focus on sustainable proteins, power grid optimization, and biodiversity conservation, in addition to embracing visionary wildcard solutions for climate and nature.


The Grand Challenge will unfold across three rounds. The first round will include two phases, followed by post-award implementation. Phase 1 invites grant proposals from U.S.-based 501(c)(3) entities and global academic institutions.

Grand Challenge launch

June 11, 2024

Virtual information session

June 20, 2024
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Webinars for potential applicants

July 2024

Phase 1 submission deadline

July 30, 2024

Phase 1 awardee announcement

October 2024

Virtual Innovation Sprint

Late 2024

Phase 2 submission deadline

Late 2024

Phase 2 awardee announcement

Early 2025

Post-award implementation

Early 2025-Early 2027

Grant awards

The Grand Challenge will offer up to $100 million in total funding over three rounds.

Each round will include the following two phases: In Phase 1, up to 30 Seed Grantees will receive $50,000 each and an invitation to join the Phase 2 Innovation Sprint. At the end of Phase 2, up to 15 Implementation Grantees will receive up to $2 million each.


Access curated resources that explore opportunities to address climate change and nature loss using modern AI.

Proposals are due on July 30.

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