Potential applicants can learn more about the AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge at the June 20 virtual information session. The team will present an overview of the Grand Challenge and answer questions submitted in advance.

A video recording and summary of questions and answers will be published following the session.

A global $100 million initiative from the Bezos Earth Fund

The AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge is exploring new ideas for multiplying the impact of climate and nature efforts using modern AI. The first round of awards will focus on sustainable proteins, power grid optimization, and biodiversity conservation, in addition to embracing visionary wildcard solutions for climate and nature.

The first round of the Grand Challenge invites grant proposals from eligible organizations: U.S.-based 501(c)(3) entities and global academic institutions. In keeping with the Bezos Earth Fund’s commitment to equity and access, eligible applicants may collaborate with organizations all over the world to develop their proposals. Proposals from non-affiliated individuals are not eligible.

Potential applicants are encouraged to read more about the Grand Challenge and browse the curated resources. They can also review the selection criteria and view the submission form. Phase 1 submissions are due by 5:59 p.m. Eastern Time (9:59 p.m. UTC) on Tuesday, July 30.